Home Bar Essentials No 1

Japanese cut mixing glass (Part of The Quench Cocktail Collection)

The technique of stirring cocktails (as opposed to shaking) is required for drinks that are predominantly spirit based such as The Martini or The Manhattan.

The wall thickness and heavy base of this mixing glass allows drinks to be stirred with one hand without fear of the glass tipping over (unlike cheaper tapered mixing glasses which tend to be thinner.)

Tip. A gentle stir using spring water ice (or ice made from filtered water) will give your drink a nice bright clarity and a smooth elegant texture.

A beautiful statement piece for your Quench bar.


Home Bar Essentials No 2

Yukiwa 30cm Japanese bar spoon (Part of The Quench Cocktail Collection)

An elegant and perfectly balanced bar spoon with exquisite gold plating. Yukiwa bar tools are beautifully crafted and a pleasure to use.


Tip. For stirred cocktails allow 3-4 ice cubes per drink and stir for approximately 40 seconds. You want a little dilution without breaking the ice up. The objective is not only to mix your drink but to chill the ingredients down.

Home Bar Essentials No 3

Yukiwa Japanese Hawthorn strainer (Part of The Quench Cocktail Collection)

Our favourite strainer at the showroom. Admittedly, some professional mixologists will insist on using a ‘Julep’ strainer with a mixing glass. This is largely to prevent cross contamination between shaken and stirred drinks in a fast paced commercial environment. However, the technique for pouring from a heavy based mixing glass whilst holding in place a loose julep strainer and potentially ‘double straining’ (see Home Bar Essentials No 5, the ‘Fine Strainer’) can be a little tricky for the home bar enthusiast. For this reason we selected a hawthorn strainer that’s not only easier to use but looks stunning partnered with our mixing glass.


Home Bar Essentials No 4

Yukiwa Baron cocktail shaker (part of the The Quench Cocktail Collection)

Yukiwa have long been regarded as one of the world’s finest artisan producers of quality barware. A durable and elegant shaker with clean lines and stunning gold detail. Like our bars, this cocktail shaker will last you a lifetime.

Tip. As a general rule, you want to shake a drink when adding non-alcoholic ingredients such as milk, cream, egg white or citrus juice. Unlike stirring, when shaking a cocktail the required action is a quick, rapid motion.